The way you manage your money has the power to bring more peace to your life than you could ever imagine!

Unfortunately, the world has taught us to manage money in a way that makes life look good and fun on the outside, but inside causes SO MUCH stress! In ourselves, in our marriages, and in our relationships.

How would it feel to trade that stress surrounding your finances for the peace that the Lord gives when you learn to manage money based on His Word?

Imagine going from not knowing if there’s enough to cover all your bills to having everything paid on time and STILL having money in your bank account when the next paycheck hits.

Imagine having a plan to tithe regularly, knowing there’s enough to do so, and to not feel like that’s what you have to cut this month.

Imagine saving for larger purchases (like new tires for your car or Christmas gifts!) and having the money ready to pay for it, instead of having to charge on your credit card…again.

If you’re ready to no longer feel that stress and exchange it for peace, then you’re in the right place!

That’s what this podcast mini-series is all about!

How do you know if this podcast mini-series is right for you?

✔ You’re a Christ-follower who loves the Lord but haven’t really considered or acted upon what His Word says about money.

✔ You’re tired of living with money stress day in and day out and living paycheck to paycheck even though you make a good income.

✔ You’re ready to get started in living out God’s plan for your finances, tithing regularly, and saving more, so you can have the financial peace and freedom you crave!